Notes for contributors

So you’ve seen the universe of possibilities and you want in on the action, you’ve got something to put into the mix. What do you need to do?

In order to contribute I need to invite you to this site so you can write to it. Leave a message in the comments and I can add you, I’m going to have a contributor’s page so if you would like your profile added to this, leave me a link to a picture and an about page as well and I can add this as well.

The categories for writing to this site are set up so you don’t need to add any, use them properly and your work will appear in the right place but please don’t overuse them and flood the site. Posts on here do not appear on my Twitter feed or any other social media apart from this blog. All copyright remains with you – make sure you leave links back to your own site!

I have minimal rules to participate on this site, be respectful and participate in a good spirit and there won’t be any problems. Please keep to the theme and leave out political views etc etc…

This is a new project and hasn’t been fully trialled, so bear with me. Let me know of any issues by commenting on this page. Please be patient, I’m just me.

Thanks guys – enjoy this and let’s hope this works!

Simon 🙂


22 thoughts on “Notes for contributors

  1. Hello. I write a blog about the scientific research I do for my science fiction writing. I’m not sure if that’s exactly the kind of thing you’re looking for, but I sometimes do imaginative tours of various locations in space. Here’s a link to my blog’s mission statement and here’s a link to my imaginary first steps on Titan so you can get a sense of what I do.

    If this seems like a good fit for your Sci-Fi Hub, I’d be happy to provide a photo or whatever else you need for the contributor page. Just let me know. Here’s my email:

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    1. It’s going to be a great addition. It’ll be a little different from the usual. At the end of the day you can decide what to use it for… The power is with you 😀
      Ill sort out an invite and stuff when i get a few mins… Thanks 😀

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      1. I really liked it, I found it challenging attempting to think up something that may not have been done before. It was nice as you can use it to sneak in ethical issues ect. I think I will try it again for sure!

        Nearly 29 though 🙂


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