Contributors to this site are:

Simon Farnell – Site Admin



An engineer, thinker with a vivid imagination that runs away with me. Totally geeky and weird with a weird sense of humour. I’ve started putting my ideas and imagination into stories and blog posts, hoping that this will take me somewhere boldly I’ve not been to before.




James Pailly – Author


J.S. Pailly is a blogger, space enthusiast, and science fiction writer.  He has no real world experience with space exploration, but he likes to pretend that he does, and he tries to back that up with as much scientific research as he can.  Sometimes that research turns out to be useful for the purposes of science fiction.



Candice Coates – Author


I make up things. It’s what I do. I love to tell stories. I love to break into the imagination or translate dreams I have had into stories that are enjoyed.



Space for loads more… join in!