Two Steps from Hell


A few years ago I started hearing some very powerful, epic music starting to appear in drama and trailers for series like Dr Who. A small amount of digging revealed to me that some of this music was coming from ‘Two Steps from Hell’ whoever they were. I hadn’t heard of them before but after listening to Heart of Courage I wanted to hear more.

Two Steps from Hell is a team of two composers, Nick Phoenix and Thomas Bergersen creating dramatic and moving pieces of music to be used in the TV (and film I presume) industry and I often find it used in TV over here in the UK. Their music often used to add the dramatic touch to scenes and trailers.

The skill, power and beauty that is put into their music is as good if not better than the score from a big budget movie. They say music can inspire, it has inspired me. Their music has awakened my imagination and brought into my mind characters, stories, moments. Whenever I’ve needed to find courage, calm or relief from sadness, their music has been there. By one and only complaint is that Thomas and Nick can’t make enough.


If you want to know what I’m talking about look up Two Steps from Hell on on Spotify, Amazon, or wherever you find your music. There is something for almost everyone, from the power of the two classics albums to the gentleness of Miracles. I doubt that they would disappoint.

Simon 🙂

Images courtesy of Google image search.


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